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CentreNIC Technology Ltd. is a local and global solution provider and specialized in IT and Information Technology enable Services (ITeS), Big Data Analytics and insight. Supporting one of the leading Manufacturers from North America, Canada, Europe through MDI Canada’s defense and security products. The company also have operations Nationwide.

We are proud to introduce one of the most technically advanced software for school management and administration. It is designed to speed up various tasks across the institution system and offers modules that creates a robust platform that benefit teachers, students, and staff. The system has been designed to incorporate the government circular issued by the ministry of Education for the digitization of schools and colleges. Our solutions not only reduces the manual work and administration hassles but also keeps the goodwill of your school growing by maintaining a closer relationship with parents, students and staff. We can assure that you will save significant man hours every year after the implementation of our software. An ERP solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


CentreNIC Technology Ltd. is proud to announce our identity management and access control, an innovative Biometric system that features an innovative fast fingerprint sensor available for the first time in Bangladesh.

The safety and welfare of a child in school is of paramount interest to all stake holders in the education ecosystem, the parents, the school administrators as well as the Government. In times of emergency when every moment counts, it is critical that the schools can rapidly produce an attendance list of the students they are responsible for. The Government of Bangladesh has mandated a policy that all educational institutions have access to the attendance list within one hour of the start of the school day. The adoption of “single site” fingerprint readers are costly and still does not solve the mandated time constraints. CentreNIC Technology Ltd. has developed a connected system that is cost effective, and accurately produces a daily attendance log within minutes of the start of school. This system automates the entire process using a biometric fingerprint device to take attendance, and a cloud based system to send out necessary SMS notifications. Our devices are accurate and flexible, able to read fingerprints, RFID ID cards, or a numeric code, depending on the customer’s requirements. This entire system is monitored remotely and updated, mitigating the need for the customer to hire additional technical specialists to maintain the system.

Our innovative school management system supports the “MADE IN DIGITAL BANGLADESH” initiative of the Government of Bangladesh, offering fingerprint readers that were designed by Bangladeshi ingenuity for the Bangladesh market. CentreNIC Technology Ltd. is dedicated to support of the DIGITAL BANGLADESH goal of our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Our Solution
  • 1. Biometric Attendance Management
  • 2. Managing Classes and Schedule
  • 3. Result Management
  • 4. Admission Management
  • 5. Academic Reporting
  • 6. Enrollment management
  • 7. Scheduling
  • 8. Absent student reporting to Guardian by SMS
  • 9. Parents and teacher interaction
  • 10. Dynamic news and event management
  • 11. Report and assignment
  • 12. Behavior management
  • 13. Bookstore management
  • 14. Event calendar
  • 15. Higher education



  • Campus Management

  • Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records

  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students

  • Creation of school's tech savvy image

  • Best possible resource optimization


  • Computerized management of marks and grades

  • Timetable creation in advance

  • Availability of more time for students

  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents

  • Access to own and students' attendance

  • Manage class information and analytical reports

  • SMS system


  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules

  • Automated and quick report generation

  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data

  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills

  • Elimination of people-dependent processes

  • Minimal data redundancy


  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers

  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule

  • Prior information of events & holidays

  • Ensuring digital environment for better learning

  • Access to updated online study material


  • Get connected to the institution effectively and easily

  • Frequent interaction with teachers

  • Active participation in institution activities

  • Reliable update on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment

  • Prior information about institution events and holidays

  • Regular and prompt availability of institution updates through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and SMS system


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